Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules 

TIMING: Games are 22 min. with a 5 min. half time run on a central horn.  The clock will not stop in the last 2 min. of the game.  If there is a free position shot being set up and time runs out of the half, the shot will be played out.  No overtime, so games can end in a tie.

TIME OUTS:  Teams are allowed a 1-min time out PER GAME but cannot be taken in the last 5 min. of a half. NOTE: In case of extreme heat we may issue a mandatory 1-min time 11 min into each half. If this happens no further time outs will be allowed.

GENERAL: All US Lacrosse rules will be played as outlined in the 2019 rulebook. The Middle School division will have full checking. The Rising Stars division will follow 14U rules 

AGE ELIGIBILITY: The High School division is for players going into 12th grade on down in the fall. The Middle School division is for players going into 9th grade on down.  The Rising Stars division is for girls going into 7th grade on down. Players may play up but not down.

ROSTERS & PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: All players must be registered online with the tournament under their team.  Players may not double roster.  Any ineligible players who participate in a game without registering and/or participate in a game they are not rostered under may be removed immediately and that game, plus any subsequent games may be marked as a forfeit.  All rosters will be at each table for verification

SPORTSMANSHIP: We hold our staff, officials, coaches, players and fans to high levels of sportsmanship during the tournament.  There is no need for derogatory, emotional, physical or verbal abuse on the lacrosse field.  Be mindful of your actions.  Play the game within the rules and with honor.  Win with class and lose with dignity.  We reserve the right to remove any person from the facility who is not conducting themselves with sportsmanship.

WEATHER: Weather is always HOT!! As with any outdoor event, tournaments are subject to the elements.  There is always a chance of scattered thunder showers this time of year.  In the event of lightning, players will be instructed to take cover under the pavilions or in cars until it is safe to resume play.  Storms move quickly across the valley, so if there is a storm, we usually will only have to wait 20-30 min before we can get started laxin' it up again so don't go to far.  Coaches will be updated if delays happen.

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