Super 7s Rules & Tips

Rules, Info, and Tips

Since we play on a short field, there are some game procedure changes to make the game run smoothly and more exciting/competitive:

  •  7 field players plus a goalie are on the field.  Other than the goalie position all players play offense and defense, as there is no offsides.
  •  The draw will only be taken at the start of each half.  A center circle is not lined on the field so all players but the two taking the draw need to be at or lower than the top of the 8-meter on either side. We advise teams to start with 3 on Attack, 1 at Center and 3 on Defense, but since there is no off-sides, it does not matter.
  • Goalies will clear the ball after a save AND after a goal.  The officials will not start the 10-second count until they have possession of the ball from out of the net (only on a goal), but please make every effort to get the ball quickly.  If the officials believe you are stalling they will start the count.
  • Over-and-Back Rule: We have removed this rule from the league starting 2018 as we felt it took away from teams who were spreading out to create offensive opportunities rather then encouraging defensive pressure as it was designed.
  • Teams are allowed ONE time-out per game (1 min.) and it is not to be taken in the last five min. of a half.  The team calling time out needs to have possession of the ball.  Players will drop their sticks where they stand and quickly move off the field for the time out.
  • Games are 22 min. halves with a 5 min. half time.
  • All fields are started off a central horn but will have the game clock managed at the table.
  • The clock does not stop during the last 2 min. of a game.  If the time ends and an official is setting up a free position shot, the free position will be taken.  Players will not move off the field until the officials have signaled a goal OR if no goal is made, the officials will blow the whistle and signal game over.
  • If the score is tied at the end of a game, there will be an immediate 2 min. "Sudden Victory" overtime starting with a draw.  Teams will not be allowed to huddle up while setting up the draw, but can substitute quickly.  If the score is still tied after 2 min. the team who scored the first goal of the game wins unless it is a championship game.  If it is a championship game, there will be a second 2 min. "Sudden Victory" overtime.  If still tied, Braveheart will be played. 
  • Mercy Rule:  If a team is down by more than 5 goals, the mercy rule is in effect and the team that is down gets a free clear at the top of their defensive 8-meter while the other team drops past midfield and cannot defend until the team that is down crosses the midfield.  The table crew will put up a flag to signal that the mercy rule is in effect.  Once the goal differential gets back to 5 goals the flag will go down and the mercy rule is no longer in effect. 


  • Only registered players are allowed to participate in Super 7s.  Any team with a non-registered player participating will forfeit that game and the registered player who gave them their jersey in order to participate will be expelled from the league.
  • If a team is short players for a game, they are allowed to forfeit the game and then get other "registered" players from a different team to play in the game.  You are allowed to play down by 2 players in order to not forfeit the game.  An exception to this is the goalie position.  If a team does not have their assigned goalie, they may ask a goalie (in advance) from a different Super 7's team to participate in their game without causing a forfeit.  Please see goalie rule section below for more details.
  • GOALIES ARE SPECIAL AND SHALL BE TREATED AS SUCH!  The goal is not for everyone.  Many teams have difficulties finding a goalie that is able to participate in the league.  Also, a goalie may miss a game due to illness, injury or other commitments.  Putting someone with no training in the goal can be dangerous for that player and many people don't take kindly to a hard small ball propelled at high speeds towards them!  For these reasons we have several rules and exceptions pertaining to the goalie position for Super 7's:

o    Teams that do not have a registered goalie will be assigned a goalie by the league from those signed up on a different team.  This goalie may be different from week to week.

o    If you are a goalie and cannot make a game YOU NEED TO FIND YOUR REPLACEMENT.  The replacement you get must be a registered goalie in the league.  All goalies and captains will be emailed a contact list of the goalies.  NOTE:  If it is discovered that a team replaced their goalie for a game in order to seek an advantage that game will be forfeited and the team might not be able to participate in Super 7s the next season (example: the goalie is replaced by a higher skilled goalie in an attempt to win a game when their rostered goalie could participate in the game).

o    If your high school program has entered two teams into the league, each team will be required to have a goalie on their roster.  However, these teams may have both goalies split halves so each goalie can play a half for both teams when there isn't a schedule conflict.  When the teams are scheduled at the same time, the rostered goalie MUST play for their designated team.

o    All rostered goalies must play 50% of a game when they are in attendance.

o    What goalies can't do: score a goal (It's a real US Lacrosse girls high school rule!! Opportunities just seem to come up at 7s and not in full field games).

  • No fighting.  First offense is suspension from the next game, second is suspension from the league.
  • The league staff will explain any game format changes from the standard Girls High School rules before each game on the first night.  All safety rules are the same and will not be altered.
  • Players must provide and use during games their own stick, goggles, mouth guard, goalie gear,  etc.
  • No jewelry is to be worn during games.
  • Be on time for your game.  The game clock starts on time even if your team(s) are not on the field, so make sure you team is ready to go by your start time.  GOALIES, please have ALL your gear on by this time as well. 
  • Teams please stand off the sideline, behind the designated line that is even with the table, not the sideline so the staff can see the entire field. 
  • Please pick up all your trash and any trash around you.  If you have the last game, please help the staff clean up the field and return the goals to the storage area. 
  • We will have a lost and found box, so please check it for gear lost on the field or put gear found in this box.  

Goalies will ALWAYS have their saves, shots on goal and save percentage take and posted because this is a tough format for them (high scoring) and they need a little more support!!!  However, we do NOT take individual stats.  In the past some players focused too much on their personal gain and not the teams overall success.  Stats from Super 7's are not used for spring season league awards or college recruiting!!!  We want Super 7's to be fun AND played well.  A run and gun game is NEVER a way to play the game.  It won't take you or your team to the next level.  You may win here and there, but against tough competition and a well balanced team that can pass the ball quickly, ride hard and play as team, a run and gun team that only uses only a couple of players will be no match!  So, in order to encourage team play, raise the level of play in UTAH and have some great match ups, we focus on a different TEAM stat each week that focuses on various aspects of the game.  The team that is most successful in the weekly stat will be have a shout out in the emailed weekly re-cap and then rewarded with a small PRIZE for their efforts the following week!! The weekly stat will be announced at the beginning of each week of games.  Yippee!  Remember, stats are a FUN part of the league and may not be 100% correct due to human error.  Our scorekeepers do their best to accurately take the league stats.  Please do not contact Tribal West Lacrosse, Super 7's league administrators, table crews or officials about stat discrepancies after they are posted.  If you are concerned about your goalie stats, please review immediately after the game with the table crew. 

We LOVE all the parents, fans, and high school coaching staff's that want to come support their daughters, friends and players.  All we ask is that they do not enter the space between the fields designated for player only before, during or AFTER a game.  This is the tableside of the fields.  There are teams coming and going all night and we need this space for them!!!!  Spectator viewing is encouraged on the opposite side of the team area or high on the hills.  Please stay clear from directly behind a goal due to safety concerns.  Players, please tell your fans where they can watch your games.

Weather issues are tough.  We play lacrosse in all types of weather, except lighting or when the weather has made the field surface unplayable.  If we know in advance, we will post the cancelation on the Tribe Lacrosse website and send out an email a few hours before the start of the first game.  However, it is very unlikely that we will know in advance.  Most cancelations happen on the field, especially when lightning is concerned.  Storms move through the valley quickly, so if lightning effects one game time, it may be clear by the next game time.  Please do not call the store or Tribe Staff to see if a game will be cancelled (for all the reasons listed above).  If there is an issue and we feel we can get the word out in advance, Team Captains will be notified first.  We will make every effort to make up the game(s) missed due to weather, but we may not be able to due to the field reservations.  Refunds will not be issued for games missed due to weather.

Our staff follows the Utah Lacrosse Association's policy for lightning using an amount of time between the lightning flash and the thunder.  Our staff will blow the horn three times indicating lightning.  Please move quickly to one of the pavilions by the parking lot or your cars until the staff can assess the situation.  Also, lightning can be seen across the valley and isn't always necessarily cause for alarm.  

Playing in a small area like the fields of Super 7's will speed up your decision making, speed of the game, better your stick skills and it can be intense!  Here are some tips for keeping this game exciting and fun:

  • Keep the ball moving.  Get it and give it up!
  • Spread out!!!!  Use the space!  Has your high school coach ever set up a box and had you play 5v5 or 3v3?  Why? To get you to move to open space no matter how small it is!  This is the same idea with Super 7's.  You don't have the length, so use the width, especially if you have settled the ball.  Do not crowd the 8-meter fan and do not stand in one place.  Move around to open space to either lose a defender so you can get a pass or to distract a defender so your teammate can get a shot on goal.  TEAM SPORT!!!
  • Give 100% effort while on the field and sub out often!!!  Keep your sideline rotating in quickly so everyone stays fresh.  
  • Sub, sub, sub!!!!  You should be moving through your subs quickly which means you should rotate off the field quickly.  Get fresh legs on the field.  If you are walking, standing or out of breathe on the field, get off and let someone else on.  The field is too short and unforgivable for laziness!!!
  • We only sub "on the fly" from the substitution box, so make sure the player you are subbing is ALL THE WAY OFF BEFORE YOU GO ONTO THE FIELD.  The player coming off should also hustle off the field in order to sub quickly.
  • Transition from offense to defense quickly and vice versa.  
  • Remember good defensive positioning, especially when trying to stop the fast break!  Turn your feet, meet the attacker with the same speed (or they will blow by you) and direct them to the outside.
  • RIDE!!!!!!  The goalie is clearing the ball on a save and after a goal.  Don't let her teammates break up field without locking them off and deny the pass.
  • Keep it clean.  Checking is a gift.  No need to get check happy just because the game is moving fast!  It's call about control (check, the game, the ball... everything!!)

That's about it!  Just have fun playing lax!

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